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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 4, 2014 11:00pm-11:15pm EST

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now at 11, a local man convicted of hiring someone to
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kill his wife. >> he showed them exactly who to kill. >> he was actually talking to undercover police officers. tonight the recording that could send him to prison for life. thousands of dollars in clothes stolen in seconds. new details in a flash mob robbery caught on surveillance cameras in georgetown. and calls for new safety rules after another child in maryland was strangled in cords from a window covering. >> "news4 at 11" starts now. breaking news right now. chopper 4 is over the scene of a shooting in germantown, maryland. it's a very active scene as you can see at drumcastle court. that's near the corner of route 355 and ghermantown road. we're trying to get more information. so far they're only confirming that one person has been shot. we have a crew on the way, and we're working to find out more details. turning to weather now. the deep freeze is not out of here, not by a long shot. we've got another night of very
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cold temperatures. those temps are going to last into the morning. we'll get some of the school delays in a moment. first, though, doug, how long before we start to warm up? >> well, i think that's the best news here, vance. we have gone through the deepest part of the cold. we're in for one more cold night, and then we will gradually start to move out of this. temperatures outside right now not nearly as cold as last night. but still, for this time of year, frigid temperatures. 27 degrees in d.c. 23 reston. 15 in dulles. the record there tonight is 7. we could get close to that overnight tonight. 16 in manassas right now. and 20 towards camp springs. what are we going to be seeing? tomorrow morning not as cold, but still, once again, 10 to 22 degrees. that is very cold for march. watch out for the ice. we are going to see a ton of ice early tomorrow morning. that's why we have some of those delays and closures once again. as far as the temperatures go over the next seven days, notice the trend starting to go up. just a little bit. we'll break that down for you. i'll talk much more about this trend and the trend to come
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after that. could be right back down. we'll talk about it in a minute. >> thank you, doug. we're keepage eye out again tonight for icy streets. the storm team 4x4 spotted several areas iced over on the way back to the station tonight. and with temperatures well below freezing, the threat of black ice still very high. even all that salt covering the streets won't help because it is just too cold. >> those potentially dangerous conditions have some schools already cancelling or delaying tomorrow. in maryland, calvert, charles, and st. mary's counties all will be on a two-hour delay. in virginia, there will be two-hour delayed openings in fairfax, loudoun, manassas, manassas park and prince william counties. a full list of closings and delays is at the bottom of your screen. they're posted also on tonight a jury convicted a local man of hiring someone to kill his wife for a few hundred dollars. audio recordings captured his instructions to the killers who turned out to be undercover
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cops. news4's erika gonzalez has more from the twin brook metro station in rockville. >> reporter: a montgomery county jury has found 50-year-old daniel mendoza guilty of solicitation of first-degree murder. in march of 2012, mendoza offered what he thought were two hitmen $200 and his car title to have his estranged wife and her lover killed. the men were really undercover, one an informant, the other a cop. what you're about to hear is an audio recording in spanish of mendoza talking to the alleged hitmen. he tells the men i just don't want you to leave her alive. the montgomery county state's attorneys office says mendoza went as far as bringing the alleged hitmen to the twinbrook metro station where he knew his wife would be. >> he said there she is. that's her. he showed them exactly who to kill. >> reporter: mendoza points out his wife. tells the men to make it look like a robbery.
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that's where you can shooter, he says. and then take her purse. mendoza is later apprehended without any harm ever coming to his estranged wife or her lover. >> erika gonzalez reporting. mendoza is facing life in prison. he'll be sentenced in may. a large police presence remains in an olney neighborhood tonight after a deadly shooting there. police got a call from somebody who heard gunshots in the area of laughlin lane last night. they arrived and found man dead in the driveway. police say a second person showed up wounded at the hospital. they say they were able to tie him to laughlin lane as well. it's not yet clear how the victims are related or if they were targeted. there is a bill headed to the desk of d.c. mayor vincent gray tonight. that bill would ease the penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana. ten councilmembers have voted for the measure. right now if you're caught with an ounce or less of marijuana in the district, the punishment is 180 days in jail and a thousand
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dollars fine. the new law would carry only a $25 fine and no jail time, unless you're caught at one of the city's many government-owned parks or properties. >> so if you're caught on federal land, federal law applies. that's true everywhere. >> that would mean a year in jail. smoking in public and driving under the influence would still be crimes under that new law. >> mayor vincent gray is looking for answer tonight as to why the secret service shut down lanes of a very busy downtown street. southbound 14th street in front of the willard hotel was closed for the last five days. in a tweet, d.c. police said it was because of icy conditions. but we've learned in a letter from the mayor that the secret service closed the lanes because dignitaries were staying at the hotel. gray says the closure paralyzed traffic downtown. the secret service says it's working on a response. businesses in georgetown are on alert tonight after a flash
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mob-style robbery on m street last night. surveillance video shows a group of teenagers quickly making off with thousands of dollars in clothes from one of the stores. shomari stone talked to some business owners and shoppers about that case. he is in georgetown now. shomari? >> reporter: well, jim, that flash mob was in and out in less than a couple of minutes. i'm on the 3200 block of m street northwest, and d.c. police hope that someone can recognize the persons of interest in this video. take a close look at this surveillance video from true religion brand jeans in georgetown. nearly two weeks ago, just before 6:30 in the evening, a dozen teens walk in the front door holding bags. police say the flash mob steals over a thousand dollars worth of clothes and walks out. tonight true religion employees won't comment, but other georgetown fashion businesses are speaking out. >> i can't believe that all of those people could steal something all at one time. >> reporter: maria works at
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camper, a high-end shoe store a couple of doors down. >> are you ever concerned that something like that could happen? >> all the time. i mean, we've had plenty of people steal a few shoes just in our window display. so i can only imagine having all those merchandise taken all at once. >> take a look at what they do. >> reporter: i showed the surveillance video to cameron murrell, a senior research and grad. >> it's disheartening that we work every day, we make a decent amount of money to try to be able to afford these things and they just go in and take it. it's really disheartening, disappointing. >> reporter: now, the teens ran away on m street northwest. d.c. police want to hear from you if you have any information about where they are. live in georgetown, i'm shomari stone, news4. new developments tonight from the ukraine. german chancellor angela merkel is trying to work out a potential resolution between russian and ukrainian forces. it calls for russian troops to pull out of the crimean peninsula region. international inspectors would
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be allowed in to prevent human rights violations there. president obama says he will not attend the g-8 summit in sochi unless the situation is resolved. earlier today russian president vladimir putin said russia has no desire to fight the ukrainian people, but still reserves the right to use force. students at montgomery college will notice more police on campus tomorrow. somebody found a threatening message on a wall at the campus center last week. that note read "school shooting" and it mentioned the date, march 5th, which is tomorrow. police are reminding people on campus to report any suspicious activity. new tonight, virginia state senator creigh deeds is reacting to the resignation of the head of behavioral health. bevilacqua handed in his resignation on march 1. he said the state interfered with the investigation into deed's son gus. bevilacqua says the state removed important elements from the report. one of the original conclusions
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was that it could have been prevented if the state made changes to the mental health system that were recommended in 2012. senator deeds says all the facts need to come out to prevent another tragedy. >> certainly i'd be very disappointed if it turns out that the report is sanitized somehow. for better or worse, the truth needs to win out. >> gus deeds attacked his father with a knife in november before killing himself. we're hearing tonight from the family of a murdered university of virginia woman after learning that the man convicted of killing her will stay in prison. that man is george hughley. today he lost his appeal. his lawyers had argued that hughley was denied his right to counsel when one of the lawyers got sick during the murder trial. hughley was convicted of killing yeardley love. her mother and sister released a statement tonight. they said t a
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we're still following breaking news in germantown tonight. we just learned one person died at this shooting on drumcastle court. it happened just after 10:00. it's brought out a big response from montgomery county police, as you can see. chopper 4 found more


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